Leadership Team
Role Name
Principal Maree Simpson
A/Principal – Stage 1 Leader Melissa Watkins
Instructional Specialist/Stage 3 Leader Nathan Seeto
REC/ Year 4 Teacher Bernadette Habkouk
Maths Specialist/ Stage 2 Leader Janine O’Rourke
Head of Diverse Learning and Wellbeing Jamie Mitchell
School Support Staff
Role Name
School Support Team Leader Michelle Stanger
School Support Officer Grace Brancato (M, T, W, Th)
School Support Officer Gloria Williams ( M T, Th, F)
Role Name
KBlue Catherine Doyle
KWhite Veronica Gionta
1Blue Gemma Hutchison (M,T,W), Emma Brassil (Th, F)
1White Maree Hunter
2Blue Kate Beverley
2White Karen Anderson
3Blue Janine O’Rourke (M,W,F)/ Suzie Whitaker (T, Th)
3White Rose Rizk
4Blue Goran Klemenic
4White Bernadette Habkouk
5Blue Toby Pemberton
5White Ciara Farrelly
6Blue Melissa Watkins  (T, W, F) Nathan Seeto (M, Th, F)
6Gold Toby Pemberton
6White Danielle Touma
Diverse Learning/ Year 5 Support Matthew Rodgers
Counsellor Miss Kate  (M, F)
Stage 1 Literacy Support Donna Loneragan (M, T, Th)
Family Educator Anne Johnson  (W, Th, F)
P.E. Coordinator Tom Alice (M,W, F)
Creative & Practical Arts Suzie Whitaker (W, Th, F)
Curriculum Release Olivia Cullen (T, W), Amy Satara  (T, W)
Librarian Mark Grosvenor (M,T,W)
Learning Support Officer Suzanne Lo Basso
Learning Support Officer Liza Giltinan
ISO Specialist Henry Hui (Odd: M,T. Even: T,F)