Our school provides opportunities for students, staff and parents to know and celebrate their Catholic faith. This is done through the religious life of our school. Members of our community experience a rich liturgical and prayer life, celebration of the Sacraments, faith formation, social outreach activities, and opportunities to share faith with each other and with youth from other schools in the Archdiocese.

St Kevin's Catholic Primary School Eastwood Religious LifeStudents at St Kevin’s Catholic Primary School Eastwood have many opportunities to participate in the religious life of the school. Our student leaders lead our community in prayer each morning, and every term each grade prepares a Mass which is attended by many parents and grandparents.

Our school community celebrates significant events in the school year in Masses and Liturgies. St Kevin’s parishioners welcomes each new school year with a Sunday Mass, and every grade is invited to attend a family Mass with the parishioners on a Sunday each year.

Each class in Years 3–6 vote for a Mercy student leader who represents their class. This group meets regularly and works together in coordinating various outreach initiatives and events for St Kevin’s students to be involved in.

Our family educator coordinates a group with parents from the school and parish to support St Vincent de Paul Night patrol. We also provide blankets to the homeless in winter, fundraise for Caritas and collect food hampers for families in need at Christmas.